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Types of Business Entities

Types of Business Entities

If you are considering or are ready to officialize your business, you will need to choose a business entity to stand in the market. It will make your business become professional, and from this point, all your work and deals with other companies or clients whill be done professionally and in writing. Here are the types of business entities you can consider.

Sole Proprietorship

The easiest way to make your business official is to make it a sole proprietorship business. You do not require any formal procedure to make a business your own except for a few accounting requirements. You do not need to pay separate tax for your business and only pay your personal income tax return. You can also exchange personal and business assets easily and professionally. But as your personal and business assets are the same, they are also liable to become a problem from two different sectors.



Another easy business entity is a partnership which allows you are ease on your finance and management by dividing it between two or more ownerships. It makes all the income and deductions to get distributed among the partners according to their shares in the business. Incase of any problems from any one of the partners, the business can face trouble. So it is important that the foundation of partnership is built over the trust, and all the debts and losses should be checked properly.

Some business partnerships will require all directors and shareholders to undergo a credit check to ensure everybody is legally eligible to be a director of a company. In the UK, if a director has gone insolvent or bankrupt this may cause them to be struck off the directors register and may prevent them from becoming a director of a company for a certain amount of years. Although a credit check is usually the norm for a new director joining any business, this is not always the case as there are some companies that do not perform any credit checks such as

Limited Liability Partnership

A limited liability partnership is similar to a general partnership except that LLP can register with the department of state. It makes sure that the partners in a business are not liable for any obligations and liabilities due to negligence, omissions, misconduct, and malpractice. However, LLP does not offer complete liability protection, and there are still other liability issues outside the personal factors.


Limited Liability Company

The corporate entities can take advantage of a limited liability company or LLC entity. It is a hybrid entity which offers liability protection for a C corporation. In an LLC, the tax options can be treated as a partnership or a corporation. LLC can also provide flexibility, unlimited members, ease of operation and possibilities of expansion. An LLC is governed by an operating agreement explaining the planning and finance of the entire business. This agreement will come in use while looking for loans and setting up bank accounts.

S Corporation

S corporation is a special form which is taxed like a partnership. S corporation has some strict regulations in its structure and cannot exploit it once is it signed and approved. It is an appropriate business entity for small and medium businesses. It allows the owner to pay the taxes through the deductions from the entire organization, which makes tax paying easier. But it also means that any problems in the management can affect the entire business and violation of regulations from any member of the company will affect the entire tax record of the company.

Legal entity

Everything You Need to Know About Legal Entity

What is the Legal Entity?

Legal Entity of a business refers to the legal ownership and partnership of the business. It can be an association, a trust, a proprietorship, a corporation, or an individual business. It is the standing partnership according to the laws and regulations. All such entities are responsible for their misdoing against the law, the contract and agreements, and any debts from banks.

Legal entities summon at times when an individual files a lawsuit against a company or a manufacturer for supplying ineffective or hazardous products. Another example of a legal entity is when a a group of members sign a contract for a record, which makes the members a part of the band, which is the legal entity.

How to Identify Legal Entity?

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) is the ID that is associated with every corporate entity. It is a unique ID which cannot by duplicated for any other corporate, business, or a company. With LEI is is easy to find any business as the ID is universally unique. It consists of 20 characters, which identify each corporate uniquely for financial purposes. There are two main principles of LEI.

The LEI is exclusive for each legal entity and cannot entertain multiple LEIs. In some cases, the LEI can be ported to another business operator, but the process of getting LEI is the same.

Once the LEI is assigned to an entity, it cannot be assigned to any other entity even after the entity stops existing. It is unique for each entity and once used cannot be reused again for any other entity.


Why is Legal Entity Important?

In order to protect the identity of every single business owner, it is important to create a formal entity. While opening a new business, one needs to address the market in a formal way which requires an LEI. Otherwise, it does not get professionally recognized by other companies. There are several business entities to choose from, which allows the owners to reduce their taxes and liabilities. If a business is planning to grow on a medium or large scale, it can opt for partnerships to have the flexibility to the structure. The companies which have multiple members and employees will fit perfectly as a corporation. If the business is small, it can still benefit from tax savings by associating with proprietorship and partnerships.

How to Obtain a Legal Entity Identifier?

A legal entity can self-register itself for an LEI if the authorized representative of the entity is eligible for an LEI code. If the legal entity clears all the eligibility criterias, the representatives need to provide permission explicitly before the legal entity registers for the LEI code. The information required for registration includes the address and the name of the list, the proof to certify this information, and the sources required by LOU to crosscheck the data. The legal entity pays the fees after they receive their LEI code. Another yearly fee needs to be paid to certify the validate the reference data.

Legal Issues

Five Common Legal Issues Faced By Businesses

As a business owner, there are certain risk that you might have to face, especially, when it comes to legal issues. Legal issues are one of the most common issues faced by a business and being prepared for it is always a good idea. If you want to learn some of the most common legal issues that small business face, keep on reading the article.

Disgruntled Employees

This is one of the most common legal issue faced by the business owners. The main reason for this is the “Wrongful Termination”. If you are terminating an employee for not performing well enough, you have to make sure that you have a signed document on the reasons which can help make it clear for the employee as well as you. Letting the employee know about his behaviour as well as letting go with a proper reason will make it better for you.

Disgruntled Employees


This is one problem which can cause serious problems for your company. Make sure that you have a human resource department as well as a well equipped legal team who can handle these issues. Make sure that you make the person aware of about these services. Also, try to hold regular meeting which can help build a better co-worker relations and insure that there is no discrimination occurrence even on a smaller scale.

Harassment is a serious problem which can be reason for breaking the workplace ethics for others as well. The solution for this is the same where you have to make sure that regular meetings are held to ensure that, if any incidents are being occurred swift termination will be practiced.

Immigration Audits

As a business owner it is upto you to make sure that all your employees have the legal license to work in the country. Try to always make sure that your companies staff is has their working license. Try to do background checks which can help ensure that you have not been falsified documents. Try to conduct extensive surprise immigration audits which can help be the reason you do not hire any poor labor.


Copyright and patent Issues

If you are in the tech industry is often a better option to make sure that you have the patent litigation. If you try to wait for someone to violate them to get some money out of lawsuit. It can just keep you company in the development phase for a longer time which can give you a very messy legal battle and also can be the reason your competitors are always there to win over your missed opportunities. This is a bug step behind for your company in terms of production.


Guide To Choosing Legal Entity For Startup

Choosing the right legal entity is the first important legal decision one has to make to make sure that your startup is one the right track. Finding the right legal decision falls on many factors which a good legal entity can help advice you on. Here are some important things one needs to keep in mind to know which advice can help you business.

Sole Proprietorship

This is one of the most easiest and the most common way to make sure that you have the right advisor. Starting a small business of sole proprietorship does not need a lot of formal filling which is one of the most simplest way to help you business. The business owner is personally responsible for all the debts which occur in the business. Some benefits that you legal entity to advice you are the advantages:

  • Easy to form as all you have to do is get a license to make sure that nobody is taking your idea.
  • It makes the tax preparation easy as you do not have to file a separate tax return.
  • As you business owner on of the biggest drawback is the fact that it is you is going to held responsible.



A general partnership will make sure that all are responsible for all the profits and the liabilities who has equal partnership which allows you to make the money and also find the liability and limited shares which can help you profit by owning a percentage. Some benefits that a partnership deal gets you is as following:

  • Having a partnership license is also easy to obtain.
  • Partners generally share the financial responsibility of your partnership. There are many challenges that come with running with a small business.
  • There are many people who are ready to help you whenever there is any problem.
  • There is also a shared liability that you and your partners are equally responsible for.
  • Taxes can be complicated but requires you have to report the additional reporting is maintained.


Corporation is a separate entity where the while entity is owned by shareholders than any individual. It is the corporation that is responsible for the debt and liabilities of the business. It is more complicated than a business entity which will likely require you to fill a form and make more sophisticated tax and legal requirements.

  • One of the biggest advantage that comes with a corporation is the fact that shareholders are not personally liable for the action of the corporation.
  • Corporation file taxes can work separately from the shareholders which can work on salaries and bonuses.
  • It can easily generate capital by selling shares to the investors and are more likely to find success.